Dedicated development team

Most of our outstanding technical-heavy works in the portfolio are the results of our dedicated development teams, who are working directly under control of our business startup clients. LUNA SOFTWARE has long been implementing a hybrid model of both offshore development center, and R&D center for many successful investments from USA, Singapore, Malaysia and of course, Vietnam.


We are proud to be part of your startup success, and we are proud to make your startup happens.

A great team starts with great advantages

We apply our deep understanding of engineers hiring and training, initiating business concept, business analysis, scrum agile development, quality controlling and a dash of online marketing strategies. LUNA SOFTWARE has successfully been building and managing production teams for various startups in telecommunication, ecommerce, warehousing management, data analysis, hospitality, real estates, healthcare and education. And we are very quick to adopt new technologies that your business requires.

Start recruiting talents, and kick-start your potential business plan today with LUNA SOFTWARE’s dedicated development team.